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The Billie Eilish celebrity doll portrays her as herself at 18 years, an award winning American singer and songwriter. The Live – Los Angeles, CA version of the Billie Eilish doll is the first of her concert series and  was made by Playmates Toys in 2020.   Another Bad Guy video version of the Eilish figure was also released and is included in the museum’s collection.

Playmates Toys has a Billie Eilish  line of toys including  the dolls and six inch figures.

The doll is styled to replicate what Billie Eilish wore at the the  July 9-11, 2019 LA stop at the Shrine Exposition Hall on the When We All Fell Asleep Tour.

The Live LA Billie Eilish doll comes wearing matching chartreuse yellow-green soft pajama type material shorts and t-shirt.  The t-shirt has Billie stamped on the front chest and has a velcro opening in the back.  The shorts have the same Billie stamped on the hem of the left leg and an elastic waste.  No underwear. The legs have large green hash tag paint markings up the shin.

On the feet are matching chartreuse socks and yellow and green high top sneakers.  They are both easily removable.  A soft plastic silver necklace comes as an accessory along with a black plastic hand microphone.

The hair is black and neon yellow-green tied into two pigtail buns with black hair sections hanging down each side of the forehead. The eyes are digitally printed bright blue with signature Bill Eilish shaped painted eyebrows and the lips are dark pink.

All cardboard packaging except for the small plastic window where the doll’s head peaks through to the outside of the box. The insert is make of egg carton type material and molded to completely protect  and hold the doll in place. The outside box folds back and makes a decorative diorama mini stage to display the doll on the stand–a very clever use for the box.  See this video from PlaymatesToys to see how it works

The stand is chartreuse to match the clothing. It has the black Billie Eilish logo stamped on the rectangular base and an adjustable waist holder clamps onto a single matching plastic stand pole.

The doll is extremely flexible and playable.  It is articulated at jaw, base of neck, shoulders (ball joint),elbows (complete 180 degrees), wrists (bends and twists) , above the hip bone (twists, tilts, and bends about 45 degrees), at the hips (ball joint with front and back splits and 160 degree side splits, knees (leg kicks all the way back) and ankles (can point the toes).  The hefty shoes and flexibility make the doll reasonable easy to pose and balance on it’s own without the stand in fun positions.

Don’t miss the two accessories, the necklace and microphone, wrapped up in the stand instruction sheet.


Her website https://www.billieeilish.com/
To price check the Billie Eilish doll you can use these custom links. The museum get a small commission for qualified purchase using the following links.

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The Billie Eilish website (https://www.billieeilish.com) also sells her dolls.

This YouTube video is a fan recording of Billie Eilish at the Los Angeles Expo Hall wearing the outfit.

This YouTube video of Billie Eilish with James Corden doing Carpool Karaoke includes Billie up close and personal as well as a visit to her home and the room where she creates her music with her brother, Finneas O’Connell. You even get to meet her mother.

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