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The Scarlett Johansson celebrity doll depicts her as Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow superhero) character in the Marvel Comic Series, Avengers movie series, and the upcoming 2021 Marvel Studios movie Black Widow. The doll was made by Mattel in 2019 for what was supposed to be a May 2020 Black Widow movie release. Due the Covid-19 pandemic the movie has been delayed until May 2021 and the Black Widow dolls were release on September 24, 2020 at the retail price of $50.00.  There are two versions: an Amazon exclusive version in a black bodysuit and a Mattel Platinum version (limited 5000 doll edition) in a white bodysuit). The Mattel Platinum version is featured here and was designed by Bill Greening. The Celebrity Doll Museum also has the Amazon Exclusive Scarlett Johansson Barbie in the collection.

From the box:

Barbie® captures the attitude of the Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff. Armed with dual batons her electric Widow Bite gauntlets, Black Widow combines acrobatics with her expertise in various martial arts – including karate, kung fu, and judo – to accomplish her mission. Marvel’s Black Widow Barbie® doll reflects the unwavering bravery and unstoppable determination she uses in the fight to protect the world.


The Scarlett Johansson doll comes wearing a white collared bodysuit with gray markings with white plastic  shoulder pads, silver and black wrist gauntlet launchers, a black plastic backpack to hold the batons, a black plastic with red painted buckle combination belt/thigh pistol holster.   

On the feet are white plastic knee-high boots which are capable of balancing the doll to stand on its own.  They have slits up the back for easy removal and to reveal the normal Barbie high heel feet. The hands are painted with white finger-less gloves and the fingers are curved to hold the black plastic batons. The two black plastic pistols are part of the holster which unfortunately cannot be separated from the holster.  All the clothing is removable.  The bodysuit would require serious stretching to remove the body through the neck opening. 

The face has realistic pixelated painted green eyes, reddish painted eyebrows, and pink lips. On the doll’s left earlobe, there are three silver painted small hoop earrings.  The waist length red rooted hair is soft and comb-able with a red braid coming down from the dolls left side of the part in the hair.   It is secured with a small rubber band.

The doll has the new Mattel female superhero body which is articulated at the neck (twists and small up and down motion), shoulders and hips(ball joints), knees, elbows, and wrists.  The torso/waist and the ankles are fixed. The doll can do both the side and front and back splits and the knees go up to 90 degrees before they swing wide.  The doll can be posed in most martial arts poses that don’t require kicks higher that 90 degrees or any twist in the torso. The suit and holster are designed to move with the poses. The batons are poly-banded into the hands but they are removable and fit in the back pack.

A Platinum numbered Mattel Certificate of Authenticity (The museum’s doll is 3773 out of 5000.) and clear plastic stand with a black base are also included.

To price check the Scarlet.t Johansson Barbie doll you can use these custom links. This Platinum Label Barbie doll is currently (October 3, 2020) still available at Mattel, but probably not for long. This Platinum Label Barbie doll has finally sold out at the Mattel website (March 25, 2021).  Disney has announced the upcoming release of the movie Black Widow on the Disney Plus streaming service and in theaters for May 2021. Amazon still has the black suit version available at the $50 retail price.  The museum gets a small for qualified purchase using the following links:

Price check Scarlett Johansson doll on EbayPrice check the Scarlett Johansson doll on Amazon




Check out the SIDESHOW Black Widow action figure.

Check out the SIDESHOW Black Widow action figure.

This YouTube video has a good synopsis of the Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow character.

This YouTube video has a good montage of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow fight scenes. It’s about time she gets her own movie. I hope to see fight scenes in the white outfit.

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  1. So I ordered the platinum label Limited Edition black widow doll October 11 I want to know if I got one that has the numbers on there that says like maybe 4212 out of 5000 I don t want to open the box to find out

    • If it has the white bodysuit on, it should be numbered. Unfortunately you have to at least slide the insert out of the box to see the number. When dolls are new you can sometimes carefully pull back the tape from one side of the box top, slide the insert with the doll attached out about 3/4 of the way and the CofA is in a plastic bag taped to the back. You could then see the number and just slide it back in and reseal with the same tape. Have a small piece of plastic to protect the tape half unattached while you mess with the box so it doesn’t stick to anything.

      I’d love to hear others’ numbers if they open the box. Back in the late 90s there was a huge push out of 10 inch TV sitcom celebrity dolls by companies like Exclusive Premiere where they put the same number on every CoA. They were never limited editions. I don’t think Mattel would do that, so assume white suit it has number on the CoA somewhere between 1 and 5000. I could be wrong since I didn’t remove the bodysuit, but the dolls themselves are not marked with a number.

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