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The Andy Warhol celebrity doll depicts him as himself, an American pop art artist, film director, and producer.   He passed away in February 1987 from cardiac arrhythmia at the age of 58. The soft plush doll was made by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild in 2018 and is part of the Little Thinkers™  collection and sells for $18.95 at

From the tag:


August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987

“I am a deeply superficial person.”

Andrej Varhola, Jr. became Andy Warhol: pop artist, filmmaker, writer, socialite and entrepreneur. His paintings of Campbell’s soup cans, sculptures of Brillo boxes, and silk screens of celebrities are among the most famous images of the 1960s. His NYC art studio, “The Factory,” became an art scene that attracted celebrities, musicians, artists, and the curious. Critics were scandalized by the “the Pope of Pop” and his open embrace of market culture, but Warhol didn’t care; limelight became him.

The doll comes wearing a red satin polyester Neru jacket, elastic waisted blue jeans, and cap sleeved black knit turtle neck t-shirt.  All three are removable but it would stretch the turtle neck to pull it over the larger head.  The felt black shoes are sewn in as part of the stuffed body which is black from the waist down and light peach from the waist up.

The face is embroidered with brown eyes, red lips, black eye brows, and red glasses.  The stuffed round nose and stick out ears on sewn on.  The disheveled iconic hair is white faux fur. 

The doll is stuffed and weighted so it sits up and balances on the bottom of the doll’s butt.

The plush Andy Warhol doll comes packaged in a plastic bag and has a biographical tag attached to the jacket collar.

You can get current market prices for the Andy Warhol doll by using this links.  The Celebrity Doll Museum has affiliate accounts with  Ebay and Amazon. It can also be purchased directly from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild.

Price check the Andy Warhol doll on Ebay Price check the Andy Warhol doll on Amazon



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