Jan 032020

The Olga  Tañón celebrity doll portrays her as herself s a Puerto Rican award winning Latin Pop singer. Numerous Grammy awards, Latin Grammy awards and a record number of Premio Lo Nuestro awards have recognized her music and worldwide fan base. She is known as “La Mujer de Fuego” (the woman of fire) . The doll was made by Haschel Toys in 2000 and is named Middle de Boogaloo, one of three in the series.  Ardiente (burning) is Tañón is a red outfit and La Magia del Ritmo (the magic of rhythm) is Tañón in black pants and a shinny top.

The Olga  Tañón doll comes wearing a satin gun metal short collared jacket lined with black and silver trim.   Underneath is a tight fitting black and silver stretch shorts jumpsuit with a silver faux zipper decoration down the front.  The jumpsuit opens from the back with Velcro.  One the feet are knee length dark gray boots with black soles and heels.

The dolls face is painted with brown eyes, a mole on the left cheek, glimmering peach eye shadow, and red lipstick.  The black rooted hair is straight with bangs and simulated diamond stud earrings are painted/embedded into the ear lobes.

The doll is articulated at the neck, shoulders. waist, and knees only. Neck goes rotates and tilts and waist rotates.  Legs and arms only move forward and backwards and the soft rubber legs bend at the knee with a few clicks.  Arms are fixed bent at a slight angle.

Included are two 1:6  size posters,  a silver bead bracelet and a plastic microphone.

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