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The Doris Day celebrity doll portrays her as Jan Morrow in the 1959 movie Pillow Talk.  The doll is part of a Pink Label two doll set with Rock Hudson as Brad Allen and was made by Mattel in 2011. The doll was designed by Linda Kyaw and released on June 16, 2011.  The Celebrity Doll Museum also has the Rock Hudson doll in the collection.


From the box: 

Pillow Talk™ Gift Set

Doris Day
Rock Hudson

A favorite film of 1959, Pillow Talk™ paired Doris Day™ and Rock Hudson in the first of their 3 romantic comedies. Interior designer Jan Morrow and composer Brad Allen share a telephone party line in Manhattan.  Brad monopolizes the line, romancing his many women and infuriating Jan.  The two take an immediate dislike for each other, but when Brad finally sees her, it’s love at first sight. Can they somehow overcome their telephone history? Barbie® Collector celebrates Pillow Talk™–the frothy film from the fabulous ’50s that is still so much fun today!


The Doris Day celebrity doll comes wearing a long white satin sleeveless evening gown.  The low back dress has a single snap closure at the waist and a tiny white satin ribbon bow tie.  Above the elbow white gloves at a matching white satin clutch tacked to the dress hip with a single stitch.  Hanging green jewel earrings and a diamond like brooch on the left front shoulder give the outfit bling.  White plastic high heeled shoes with a single strap complete the outfit.   All the clothing is removable and no underwear.

The face is painted with blue eyes and pink lips.  The rooted blong hair is styled in a bun in the back with side swept bangs.

The doll is only articulated at the neck (turns and up and down), shoulders , and hips.  The legs and arms are stiff with the right arm at a fixed at a 90 degree bent position to hold the clutch at the hips.

With doll is a clear plastic stand with a black base and a Mattel Certificate of Authenticity.
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