Jun 082020

The Steve Burns celebrity doll depicts him as Steve from Blue’s Clues in plush form along with his sidekick animated blue dog Blue.   The Blue’s Clues show for preschoolers ran on the Nickelodeon cable channel from 1996 until 2006. Burns was the host until 2002 when he decided to leave and was replaced by his supposed younger brother, Joe, played by Donovan Patton (As a parent of avid fans at the time, I fell for the brother story, but never really watched Joe as host  since the children aged out of the show and missed Steve).  The doll was made by Eden Toys, LLC. in 1999 under the Viacom license.

If you are a fan, I highly recommend this YouTube video The Moth Presents Steve Burns: Fameishness, where he discusses his accidental fame as a children’s TV host and life as Steve from Blue’s Clues.

Here is a YouTube video about the Steve leaving the show.


The Steve Burns and Blue plush dolls are made and stuffed with polyester fiber. Steve comes wearing his signature green striped with white collar rugby shirt, khaki pants, and brown felt shoes.  None of the clothing is removable.  His pink cloth face is embroidered and his hair is made of brown yarn.  The doll comes holding a finished cardboard Blue’s Clue’s clue notebook tacked onto his left hand.  It could be cut and separated.   Blue has magnets in the base of his paws so he can wrap around and hold things.  The dog’s features are machine embroidered with a pink tongue hanging out.

You can get current market prices for the Eden Steve Blue’s Clues plush doll by using this links.  The Celebrity Doll Museum has affiliate accounts with Ebay and Amazon.

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