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The Laurie Hernandez celebrity doll depicts her as herself, an American gymnast.  Hernandez was  a member of the U.S. women’s 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics gymnastics team.  She won a gold medal in the team event and a silver medal on the balance beam.   The 2016 gymnastic team was coined the “Final Five” as they were the final five member team (only four members on the the team starting in 2020) and the last team under the direction of the well known gymnastics coach Marta Karolvi.   The doll was released in 2018 by Mattel and is part of their Barbie™” Shero” series.

From the box:


“I got this.”

“La medalla de oro is mía.”

-Laurie Hernandez

US Gymnast Laurie Hernandez captivated girls around the world with her energetic performances during the 2016 summer games. As the youngest member of the Final Five gymnastics team, she earned medals in balance beam and Team. Author of the book I Got This:To Gold and Beyond, Laurie is honored as a Barbie™ “Shero”, a woman who has broken boundaries to inspire the next generation of girls. Girls need role models like Laurie, because imagining they can be anything is just the beginning. Actually seeing that they can make all the difference.

Laurie Hernandez Barbie® doll is fully poseable and includes two leotard replicas and a grip bag from her GK gymnastics line.


The Laurie Hernandez celebrity doll comes wearing a white, pink, purple, and turquoise leotard under pink warm up pants with a white stripe down the legs.  The leotard is removable with a Velcro closure down the back and the pink pants have an elastic waist band.  On the feet are white plastic sneakers.  All the clothing is removable.  Includde with the doll are an extra pink and green leotard and a purple Hernandez designer nylon gym bag with black nylon strapping.

The doll’s face is painted with brown eyes and dark rose lips.  The long ringlet curly brown rooted hair is styled into a pony tail on top of the head, 

The doll is well articulated at the elbows, wrist, upper arms, shoulders, neck, rib cage, hips, upper thighs, knees, and ankles.   The upper arms and thighs twist and the rib cage twists and tilts to allow the doll to pose into a number of gymnastic positions.

Included with the doll is a clear plastic stand with a black base and a Certificate of Authenticity.

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