Mar 012014

The Christina Aguilera celebrity doll was released in 2000 by Yaboom Toys in singing form and by Play Along Toys as a standard fashion doll.   It is an Official Singing Characters Doll that with a push of a button on the doll’s belly will play the entire “Genie In A Bottle” song .

The doll is wearing the jean outfit Aguilera wears while on the deck by the beach in  the “Genie in a Bottle ” music video.  It uses 4 LR44 button batteries, has an on off switch and volume control on the sides, and a speaker in the belly.  There is a song cartridge that slides into a slot on the back.

Like all singing and talking dolls that take batteries, they should be changed every 5 years or so because they will leak and ruin the doll.

Price check the Christina Aguilera doll on Amazon

Price check the Christina Aguilera doll on Ebay

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  1. What is the yaboom Christina Aguilera doll from 2000 worth

    • The 2000 version “red pants white top” is average $25-30 as of date of this comment.

      There is a 1999 one with “orenge” pants from the (genie in a bottle video) that one is average $20 as of the date of this comment.

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