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The Billy Dee Williams celebrity doll depicts him as Lando Calrissian from the Star Wars franchise.  He appeared in episodes V and VI in the original trilogy and has been cast in the upcoming episode IX. Williams is an American actor, musician, and artist.  The Williams action figure was made by Kenner (Hasbro) in 1996.

From the box:

Lando Calrissian’s background is somewhat of a mystery. Available information suggests that he has played many roles throughout his life, a life of high-stakes adventure and daring courage.
Lando has been everything from a smuggler, to a gambler, to a hero. From a reluctant traitor siding with the Empire, to a General in the Rebel Alliance, Calrissian has done it all. In fact, he was original owner of the Millennium Falcon. before he lost the Falcon to his good friend Han Solo in a game of high-stakes sabacc. It was on that ship that Calrissian undertook many of his covert smuggling missions, acquiring large quantities of precious materials that allowed him to live the flashy lifestyle to which he’d become accustomed.
Lando’s luck at sabacc changed for the better when he won control of Cloud City from its previous Baron Administrator. With Cloud City at his disposal, he remained profitable by taking advantage of the city’s mining and gambling operations. But that all changed when Darth Vader arrived to strike a deal with Lando that would lead him to betray Han Solo. A deal Lando would regret, and later make amends for by saving Solo’s life and becoming a valuable contributor to the Rebel cause.
Authentically styled straight from The Empire Strikes Back, Lando Calrissian is armed with his signature blaster and comes outfitted with cape, shirt, pants, and boots, along with a complink communicator. This special edition 12″ figure, available for the first time ever, is destined to become a classic collectible.

The action figure is wearing the blue caped Lando Calrissian Star Wars costume.  The cape is blue cotton with a black collar and lined with copper satin.  It is sewn onto the long sleeved blue cotton, black v-neck collared shirt.  The long pants are black cotton with a snapped black velcro opening in the back.  A soft plastic self closing black belt and knee high boots finish off the outfit.  A machine gun and wrist watch controller are included as accessories.  The complete outfit is removable.

The doll is articulated at the elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees.  The wrists, ankles, and torso are fixed.  The neck twists sideways only and the feet are a soft bendable plastic that make the boots easier to put on and take off.

The Celebrity Doll Museum has many 12 inch Star Wars action figures in the collection.

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