Jan 232018

The Michael Jordan celebrity doll depicts him as a golfer Tee Time Michael from the 1996 Warner Bros movie Space Jam.  The doll was made by Playmates in 1996.  The Jordan action figures with clothes in this size also came in a basketball and baseball Space Jam versions.

From the box:

Tee Time Michael
High flying king of the court drives to the green

Michael Jordan perfects the switch from the court to the links with golf as his favorite leisure sport. Michael unleashes a beautiful drive off the tee. The ball rises high into the sky then swoops down in a perfect arc onto the green, landing about 40 feet from the pin. “Too bad you can’t dunk a putt, Mike!” says his golfing buddies. But wait, the shot isn’t over yet! There’s some kind of backspin working on it…It’s actually moving on its own toward the hole. Now it’s stopped…no, it’s moving again. Suddenly Bugs Bunny’s head pops up out of the hole. “Try and get me, Doc!” Bugs disappears back into the hole and Mike’s ball follows after…A hole in one?!…In Looney Tunes Land, anything can happen.

The doll is about 9 inches tall. It twists at the waist, but nothing moves below the waist.  Arms bend, shoulders only up and down, neck side to side.

The Michael Jordan celebrity doll comes with a black golf club,  purple golf shirt with T insignia,  gray pleated cotton pants, removable purple plastic golf cap,  a Space Jam doll stand that has pegs to go in bottom of the black and white golf shoes.  Shoes are part of the legs.

Clothes are removable with Velcro closures and underneath is a very cut body with black painted on underwear.

Price check the Michael Jordan action figure on Amazon.

Price check the Michael Jordan action figure on Ebay


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