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The Shaquille O’Neal celebrity doll depicts him as a basketball player for the LA Lakers.  The 12 inch action figure was made by Kenner (now Hasbro) as part of the Starting Lineup collection in 1997.   Shaquille O’Neal whose nickname is Shaq played for six NBA teams during his career (Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics) and was part of the 1996 Gold Medal Olympic basketball team in Atlanta. Aside from his basketball career,  he has had parts in movies, had his own reality television shows, and made four rap albums (His first in 1993  Shaq Diesel went platinum),   He currently enjoys a career as a sports analyst on the television Inside the NBA broadcast.

From the box:



Shaquille Rashuan O’Neal, whose first and middle names mean “little Warrior” in Islam, is known by basketball fans as SHAQ! One of the NBA’s unquestioned superstars, O’Neal combines size (7’1″) with strength and athleticism to be a classic power player in the tradition of great NBA centers like Wilt Chamberlain and Moses Malone. A super shot blocker and rebounder on defense, Shaq is a virtually unstoppable offensive force whose awesome stuffs put the slam in slam dunk!

Shaq was signed by the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent prior to the ’96-97 season, and will try to bring the Lakers back to the glory of their ’80’s championship teams. The #1 pick of the ’92 NBA Draft, O’Neal spent four seasons with the Orlando Magic, leading the league in scoring in ’94-95 and bringing the expansion Magic all the way to the NBA Finals that year. As a 20-year old rookie in ’92. Shaq was the youngest player to ever play in the NBA All-Star Game, and was named Rookie of the Year for the ’92-93 season.

Another career highlight for Shaq was representing the United States as a member of the ’96 Olympic Basketball Team. The Dream Team, with Shaw manning the pivot, overwhelmed all competition to take gold on America’s home turf in Atlanta, GA!

The doll wears a 1:6 replica of the Lakers uniform with a 34, O’Neal name and NBA decals.  Underneath the uniform shorts is a pair of yellow knit boxers.  Black basketball sneakers with a side white swish and white knit socks are on the feet.  The right hand had a small hole to accept the knob to hold the included orange plastic basketball.  All clothing is completely removable.

The figure is articulated at the head, wrists, shoulders, waist, and ankles.  The arms and legs are stiff and do not bend.


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