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The Abraham Lincoln celebrity doll depicts him as the 16th President of the United States.  The doll was manufactured by Toypresidents, Inc. in 2003 as part of their Commemorative Edition.

It is a talking doll that has an actor imitating Abraham Lincoln’s voice saying 25 unique and authentic phrases like “Leave nothing for tomorrow, which can be done today” by pushing on the lapel of the black 1860s tailored Presidential suit.  It also contains an official Toypresidents biographical pamphlet on President Lincoln and a black adjustable doll stand in the box insert. The 3 button batteries (LR44/L1154) are changeable.

Hear the sound track from the belly of the Abraham Lincoln action figure:


The clothing is exceptional on this Toypresidents doll with hand tailoring details that are true to the 1860s time period.  Extras like tiny buttons and snaps sewn on, removable clothes, elastic stirrups keep pants down and shirt tucked in make it both a collectors doll and a doll to be played with.

The doll wears a black polished cotton double breasted long suit coat with tiny black buttons on sleeve and front, closure by snaps.   Matching black pants with snap in front fly and black elastic suspenders with suede crossover and looped attachments complete the outfit.

Under the coat there is a black satin double breasted vest, black silk bow tie with elastic attachment, white cotton collared shirt that opens from neck to mid chest, and tiny decorative white buttons and closure by snap.  Black  knee high boots that probably can be removed with some heat (there is a foot in there) cover the feet and the pants come off over the boots.

The doll’s underwear are plain white cotton boxers. Included is a black plastic top hat that has been hand carved inside to fit the head. 

The dolls body has black molded hair and Lincoln beard. It is fully articulated at the major joints including wrists and ankles and very easy to pose.


Price check the Abraham Lincoln doll on Amazon

Price check the Abraham Lincoln doll on Ebay


Sample ToyPresidents Blue BookletRead the official Toypresidents biographical pamphlet on Abraham Lincoln in PDF format




To see the complete list of ToyPresidents and TimeCapsule dolls from Toypresidents, Inc original website in 2008, use this link.
Complete list of Toypresidents, Inc. dolls from 2008. – A screen capture from their website.

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  1. I have an old Abe Lincoln doll, past down from family. I can’t find any markings on it. He’s 21” tall from top head to feet and 23” with top hat 🎩 on. His body, legs, hands are all cloth n stuffed in one piece. From bottom Feet material is black, then brown pants with a cpl stripes coming down and stripes going around legs every 1 1/2 “
    Legs sown to bottom/butt same material as legs. Then at waist a red vest with black stripes (wider n narrower ) is sown over a white shirt. Black tie around scarf (I guess)
    Then long black felt coat is sown over shirt n vest. Hands are stuffed w wh cuff and have no fingers. The head is plastic, he is smiling nicely, few lines around eyes, cheek n nose. Mouth slightly open showing teeth. He has NO beard.
    I’ve searched pics but cannot find a picture that looks like him.
    If you could be of any help, would be much appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon

    Naomi Scott

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