Apr 012014

The Jesse Ventura celebrity doll was made in 1999 to raise funds for his campaign.  It was licensed by Ventura for Minnesota, Inc, a non-profit corporation. Ventura was the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999-2003,  a Navy Seal in the Vietnam War, and  a professional wrestler.

The Jesse Ventura dolls were manufactured in China by Formative Intl. Co. Ltd for Toyboy Man/Tierschel & Assoc in Minneapolis.  It came in three versions: Governor of Minnesota (pictured here), United Navy Seal, and Volunteer Football Coach.

The doll is dressed in a shiny dark black suit with a buckled belt, white collared shirt, a purple tie, and black dress shoes. It is fully articulated and pose-able.

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Price check the Jesse Ventura doll on Ebay

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