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The Martina McBride celebrity doll depicts McBride as herself in 2004. McBride is a country pop singer, songwriter, and record producer known for her soprano singing range.   She was the Country Music Association (3 times) and American Country Music Academy (4 times)  “Female Vocalist of the Year.”

The doll was released by Mattel in 2005 wearing a replica of the white dress she wore at the 39th Academy of Country Music Awards when McBride won her third consecutive Female Artist award. 

From the box:


Widely acknowledged as the premier female vocalist in country music today, Martina McBride has sold nearly 14 million albums, has 7 No. 1 hits, and won numerous industry awards. She is known for singing songs that resonate with women, such as “This One’s For The Girls,” “In My Daughter’s Eyes,” and “A Broken Wing,” as well as songs that have a resounding social commentary such as “Concrete Angel” and “Independence Day.” Martina has used her career to be a spokesperson for organizations that help women and children, earning her several humanitarian awards. This beautiful celebrity doll wears a re-creation of the gown she wore to the 39th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, where she was named Top Female Vocalist for the third consecutive year.

(repeats in Spanish)

The dress is a sleeveless layered all white satin and chiffon knee length  gown with matching white high heels with ribbon ties.   It is adorned by a plastic rhinestone encrusted silver cross pendant necklace and elaborate chandelier silver and rhinestone earnings.   The dolls nails are painted in a french manicure style with white tips.  Clothing is removable with snap enclosures. Articulation is only at the neck (side to side), shoulders and hips.  Arms and legs do not bend.

Accessories include a doll stand, commemorative poster, and human sized plastic silver keepsake charm bracelet with a musical note charm.



To learn more about Martina McBride, visit her website martinamcbride.com.


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