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The General George S. Patton’s vinyl doll was manufactured in 1997 by Hasbro as a G.I. Joe  Historical Commanders Edition.

From the back of the box:

American military history is full of colorful heroes who have captured the hearts and imaginations of the American people. One of these figures is General George S. Patton. His battlefield exploits – including the formation of America”s first Tank Corps and the capture of over 1,250,000 German prisoners – earned him the formidable nickname “Old Blood and Guts.”

But Patton was a varied and complex personality. He was also a quiet, contemplative man who wrote poetry and saw war as a noble human endeavor that tested and conformed all of man’s greatest attributes. His firm belief that he possessed the reincarnated spirit of several eminent soldiers convinced him that he was destined for military distinction. Hard-driving and harsh-tongued, Patton was an effective leader who could routinely push his troops to the limit without sacrificing their loyalty.

Patton sprang from a family rich in military history, following the tradition of seven ancestors who fought in wars dating back to the Civil War. Through sheer willpower Patton battled dyslexia and graduated from West Point, then joined the cavalry where he as assigned to serve under General “Black Jack” Pershing in actions against the marauding Pancho Villa. While pursuing the guerrilla bandit back into Mexico, Patton managed to be appointed to the Pershing’s staff, a coveted position enabling him to closely observe the general as a role model. Patton distinguished himself in the campaign and later, during the First World War, was recommended by Pershing to organize the first US tank training center located in France.

Patton’s fame did not ultimately reach its zenith until World War II. In North Africa, Americans had suffered heavy losses to battle-hardened German troops. Patton was called in to reverse the setbacks and restore the faith in the effectiveness of the American war machine. In a matter of weeks he turned inexperienced American troops into a respecting fighting force. That was just the beginning. He went on to play a key roll in the success of the Sicilian campaign, finally winning the military recognition he had always sought.

The career of George S Patton is studded with some of the history’s greatest military achievements. He led troops in Africa, the 7th Army in Sicily, and the 3rd Army in France, all the while building a reputation as the most notable and effective general in all of the war. His memory still carries much of its old resounding force, calling up the image of the brazen commander who helped break Hitler’s plan for a thousand year Reich. Today, the name George S. Patton stands in is rightful place among the greatest military leaders who have ever lived.


The fully articulated Patton action figure GI Joe comes with a replica World War II 3rd Army helmet, scarf, decorated faux leather brown sheepskin jacket, dog tags, riding crop, and black belted holster with two removable pistols.  It is dressed in Army green pants, beige uniform shirt and tie with black buttons, and brown boots.

Accessories include a toy version of Patton’s faithful bull terrier dog “Willie”, doll stand, First Armored patch, acrylic display base, a U.S. flag and a U.S. Army flag.

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