Jan 042018

The Jerry Springer celebrity doll was made in 1998  as a Collector’s Edition from Street Players.  Jerry Springer is the host of a syndicated tabloid talk show The Jerry Springer Show and  is also a former news anchor and mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio. The Jerry Springer Show has been on the air since 1991 and shoots in Stamford, Connecticut.

The action figure wears a blue suit with two outside buttons and pocket flaps, white collar shirt, with a satin yellow ribbon tie.  All clothing is removable and the closures are Velcro.  The shoes are black plastic with no socks.  No underwear.  Plastic tan glasses attach to head by inserts into holes in the sideburns.  Hair is plastic molded in light brown with a spattering of grey splotches.  A plastic microphone is included.

The Springer doll is articulated at head  (turns side to side), twisting waist, click bending knees, shoulders, and hips.  Arms are stiff.

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Price check the Jerry Springer action figure on Amazon

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  1. how much is the jerry springer doll worth

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