Mar 272014

This Elvis Presley celebrity doll is the ‘68 Special version in the “Commemorative Collection Officially Authorized by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.”   made in 1993 by Hasbro. In 1968 at the age of 33, Presley went on a huge comeback tour after a seven year absence from musical performing.  This doll is one of three in this Hasbro collection. The other two versions are  Jailhouse Rock and Teen Idol.

The outfit is a faux leather jacket and pants, black boots, and a low v-neck knit short sleeved shirt underneath.  The Elvis Prelsey’s doll has a rhinestone black and gold painted pinky ring and ribbon wrist strap on the right hand and a three rhinestone painted gold ring and strap watch on the left hand.

The doll comes with a red signature doll stand, Certificate of Authenticity, and a silver and black stand microphone.

Price check the Elvis Presley doll at Amazon

Price check the Elvis Presley doll on Ebay

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  1. how much would it cost to buy an identical Elvis Presley figurine – I cannot find it on E-bay or Amazon – my e-mail= animalou@sympatico.

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