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Marilyn Monroe has been made into a number of celebrity doll forms by many different manufacturers over the years.  This version is the fourth in a series of six in the Marilyn Monroe Collectors Series was designed in 1993 and manufactured by DSI in 1993-1994.  These Monroe celebrity dolls were all individually numbered and came with a certificate of authenticity.  It is a numbered limited edition of 50,000.

From the box:

Marilyn Monroe™ was America’s silver screen sensation of the ’50’s and a true American treasure and legend for the ’90’s. Her roles embodied both a genuine innocence and an honest sex-appeal that continues to dazzle and captivate fans of all ages. From make-up, to hair styles, to fashion, Marilyn Monroe™ continues to influence today’s culture with her transcending beauty and persona.

This magnificent collection continues the phenomenon of Marilyn and the legend that lives in the hearts of all those touched by her–and in the minds of collectors of all ages. There’s never been a star–or a doll–like Marilyn Monroe™.

This doll is called Spotlight Splendor Marilyn – An American Beauty Classic in a long spaghetti strapped, rhinestoned studded neckline, black gown with black and silver skirting. Over the shoulders is  a white fur stole with black fur trim ends with a white sating lining. Accessories include a black plastic beaded rhinestone choker around the doll’s neck, sliver and black arm covers, and black high heel shoes on the feet. No underclothes but a clear hair net comes over the dolls hair. 

The six dolls in the DSI series are:

Emerald Evening Marilyn
Sparkle Superstar Marilyn
Silver Sizzle Marilyn
Spotlight Splendor Marilyn (this doll)
Fur Fantasy Marilyn
Spectacular Showgirl Marilyn

The doll comes with a black plastic stand

Price check the Marilyn Monroe doll on Amazon.

Price check the Marilyn Monroe doll on Ebay

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