Apr 012014

The Carol Burnett celebrity doll portrays her as a character in the Went with the Wind! parody of Gone with the Wind from the “Carol Burnett Show.”  The doll was made by Mattel in 2008 as part of their Pink Label: Pop Culture Series.

From the box:



The Carol Burnett Show is one of television’s all-time favorites! Starring the great comedienne and a cast of characters, the show lasted 11 hilarious memorable years! One well-known and well-loved sketch—Went with the Wind!–is a parody inspired by the classic film Gone with the Wind. Starlet vows to have Rat Butler propose marriage to her. She quickly creates a dress sure to impress her gentleman caller-a velvety green gown made of drapes, complete with curtain rod!

This wonderful character doll is beautifully sculpted in the likeness of Miss Burnett. She wears an elaborate re-creation of the costume originally created and now re-imagined by acclaimed costume designer Bob Mackie.


The Carol Burnett celebrity doll outfit with the green velvet curtains and curtain rod really need to be attached to the box insert to work, so it wasn’t really worth taking it out to investigate the doll further.  As typical of the Mattel pink collection, the doll is made to be displayed in a box rather than for play.  It is a collector’s doll, not a toy doll.

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