Mar 012014

This Frank Sinatra celebrity doll was manufactured in 1999 by Mattel.  It is The Recording Years doll and is first in the series.  The Frank Sinatra doll was also sold in a set with Barbie called Barbie Loves Frankie Sinatra.

The doll comes with a stand up microphone and the outfit is made of soft gray flannel type wool pants and a black and white soft light wool suit jacket.

Price check the Frank Sinatra doll on Amazon

Price check the Frank Sinatra doll on Ebay

  2 Responses to “Frank Sinatra”

  1. I have a pre production Frank Sinatra doll in the box but without a face ( head is there but the face was not chosen yet ) was a gift. I am an ex Mattel employee.

    What would it be worth? I think its the only one in the world..

  2. No clue. Put it on Ebay and find out. Interesting to have a doll with a complete box and no face. Did you work on the Sinatra doll?

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