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The Elizabeth Taylor celebrity doll portrays her as Cleopatra and was manufactured by Mattel under the Barbie name in 1999. It is the first in the Elizabeth Taylor Collection series. The costume is a reproduction of her golden Cleopatra outfit in the 1963 movie Cleopatra starring Taylor with Richard Burton.

From the box:

Cleopatra’s luxurious gown has a dramatic “feather” cloak that surrounds her like the wings of a bird. The spectacular headdress features cobra symbols that protect royalty, a sun disk enclosed in horns, identifying her with the goddess Iris, and large double feather. …The meticulous sculpting of our Cleopatra doll captures the incredible likeness of Elizabeth Taylor – the shape of her mouth, her eyes, her beautiful nose. Her face is painted so realistically that every detail is authentic to the movie – from the incredibly fine glitter eyeshadow and heavy kohl eyeliner to the exact shade of violet for her eyes…

In addition to the elaborate black and gold floor length gown and gold tasseled headdress (top part is not in the photos), the doll wears faux suede leather sandals with knee high gold cord straps. The gold plastic headdress is permanently attached in two places on top of the head but it appears the jet black shoulder length hair would completely cover the head if removed. The dress, ‘feather’ covering, and headdress tassels are stitched together to keep them in place, but could be removed if the basting stitches were broken. The sleeveless gold dress is snapped closed in the back with black underwear underneath.

The Elizabeth Taylor doll bends at the knees and twists at waist. Head tilts and turns, shoulders and hips move forward and backwards only, and the arms are stiff.

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