Oct 122010

The Wayne Gretzky celebrity doll portrays him as a  former New York Rangers ice hockey player before his retirement in 1999.  The doll is  a 1998 Starting Lineup Sports Superstar Collectible made by Kenner (now Hasbro) and  licensed by the NHL.  Gretzky went on the be a part owner and eventually head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes. He has also worked with the National Canadian Olympic hockey teams.  He has an official website at www.gretzky.com.

Gretzky is considered one of the best NHL players and his nickname was “The Great One”. He held 61 NHL hockey records at his retirement.  He was immediately inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1999 having had the usual waiting period waived.

The doll comes wearing a replica New York Rangers hockey uniform complete with helmet, skates, gloves, stick and puck.  It is fully articulated as in typical Starting Lineup figures with bendable legs, arms, a neck that moves in every direction, jointed wrists and , and swivel waist.    The skates come off and  the hockey socks go from the ankle to the top of the thighs, but the gloves are permanently attached.  There are no hand underneath. But there is removable chest and shoulder protection under the uniform. The doll is easy to pose in hockey positions.

Price check the Wayne Gretzky doll on Amazon

Price check the Wayne Gretzky doll on Ebay

  4 Responses to “Wayne Gretzky”

  1. Hi just curious as i have a gretzky doll with his number #99 upside down (#66) on both shoulders, don’t know about the back as it’s never been removed. i would like to know how rare if any is this ERROR! any info. on this would be appreciated. i don’t know if they made thousands with this error or maybe i have the only one? thanks, paul

  2. where can i buy??

    • i have the hole set for sale i am asking $400 just for th 4 of them bobby ore 2 wayne gratzkey and one mario lum

  3. i have an older version w/ different face body type,had an oilers uniform (long gone),looking for gear to dress this 12 in figure, and current values for used c/payed with condition.

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