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The Victoria Beckham celebrity doll portrays her as Posh Spice in the all woman band Spice Girls.  The doll was made by Galoob (now Hasbro) in 1997.

The Spice girls are: Victoria Beckham as Posh Spice, Melanie Brown as Scary Spice. Emma Bunton as Baby Spice, Melanie Chisholm as Sporty Spice, and Geri Halliwell as Ginger Spice. This doll and the other four Spice Girl celebrity dolls in the collection are from the Girl Power collection.

From Wikipedia:

The dolls became a huge hit during the Christmas seasons of 1997 and 1998, selling over five million.

Eleven different sets of dolls were released. A “Sound Stage” playset was released and extra costumes “Spiceworld Fashions” (two sets of four fashions), later sold as “Spice It Up 2”. The most sought after line of all the dolls is the original “Girl Power” set. The set features Geri Halliwell in her iconic Union Flag dress. Dolls featuring the girls with outfits from their music videos were planned, but never released.

When Geri Halliwell departed from the group in May 1998, Galoob continued the line with all five girls. It was a year after she left when Galoob finally released the sets of dolls that only had the four remaining girls. More than likely “On Tour,” “Superstar Collection,” “Concert Collection, and “Spice It Up! 1” were far enough into production that Galoob decided to release the Geri doll. Galoob was subsequently bought by Hasbro. Hasbro was going to continue the line into 2000, with the “Millennium Tour Collection” set for release in October. The Hasbro website had a page saying coming soon, but Hasbro stopped the line when the future of the Spice Girls became uncertain

  • “Girl Power” – Autumn 1997 – ©1997 Galoob Toys, Inc.
  • “On Tour” – June 1998 – ©1998 Galoob Toys, Inc. (2 versions of Posh were made, original with long hair, 2nd with new short bob)

The Victoria Beckham doll wears a simple black dress, black high-heeled sandals, and carries a black microphone. The doll has a plastic silver watch on the right wrist, a plastic gold bracelet on the left wrist and a gold ring on her left hand ring finger.

The following is a Spice Girl’s doll commercial from Brazil from the late 1990s:

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