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The  celebrity doll depicts her as Lily Munster from The Munsters, the 1964-66 CBS television show. De Carlo, a Canadian-American, was a major Hollywood movie star, singer, and dancer in the 1940s and 1950s and later in 1964 took the role on television. She also played Lily Munster in the 1966 movie Munsters Go Home! and 1981 made for television movie The Munsters’ Revenge. The 9 inch action figure was made by Exclusive Premiere Toy Products in 1998 and sold along with Grampa Munster (Al Lewis) and Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne). The museum has all three Munster dolls in the collection.

Yvonne De Carlo died in 2007 at age 84.

The Lily Munster doll comes wearing a floor length pink gown with purple embroidered trim and see-through sleeves.  Around the high waist is a matching purple tie around belt with red tasseled .  Around the neck is a purple bat plastic necklace. The heeled shoes are molded with the body and painted black.  the knee length black rooted hair has the Lily signature white streak coming off the forehead.  The finger nails are painted black.

The doll is articulated at the knees, shoulders, and elbows. The head twists back and forth.

The De Carlo Lily Herman Munster figure came with a display stand and the bat necklace.

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