Mar 072020

The Jerry Garcia celebrity doll depicts him as himself in his late 50s, an American musician and songwriter. Garcia was the lead guitarist and singer for the Grateful Dead until his death at age 53 in 1995. The plush Jerry Garcia doll was made by Gund exclusively for Liquid Blue in 1998. Liquid Blue has been selling tie-dye Grateful Dead t-shirts since about 1990 and has expanded into other rock and roll t-shirts and merchandise.

From the label:


Jerry Garcia was a beloved figure because of his music, his art, and his kind and generous nature.

This huggable, lovable doll pays tribute to his spirit.


The Garcia plush doll comes wearing a plain black t-shirt and burgundy corduroy pants with an elastic waist.   On the feet are black and gray felt shoes with silver satin ribbon laces.  Long gray yarn hair and beard cover the pink cloth mouth. Black cloth eyes and eyebrows are under a pair of black plastic glasses.

The doll comes with a hard solid cardboard acoustic guitar with brown elastic strap.  The guitar also serves as a label and product information source on the back side.

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