Mar 072020

The Willie Nelson plush doll depicts him as himself, an American country western singer, songwriter and actor.  The doll was made by Catena International, Inc. in 1989 for the Willie Nelson & Family General Store as a concert doll. 


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THE Willie Nelson DOLL

Willie Nelson has be writing and singing songs for over 35 years. His musical and personal style has made him one of the most successful and beloved entertainers in the world.

This collectable WILLIE NELSON DOLL is a reproduction of a handmade doll that was created for the Willie Nelson & Family General Store on historic Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee…and just like Willie it captures a special charm.

The Willie Nelson doll is a cloth plush doll with brown yarn hair braids  It has plastic stick out black eyes brown braided yarn eyebrows and a fuzzy hair beard which covers where a mouth would go.  The doll wears a red short-sleeved t-shirt with a “Willie Nelson and Family General Store” black graphic printed on the front. The pants are elastic waist-ed blue jeans with pockets on the back.  Blue and 2hite cloth canvas shoes with real laces are on the feet.  His hair is tied with red and black bandana tied in the back.  The doll’s left ear has a red glass stud earring.

You can get current market prices for the Willie Nelson plush doll by using this links (not often available for sale so keep checking).  The Celebrity Doll Museum has affiliate accounts with  Ebay and Amazon.

Price check Willie Nelson doll on Ebay Price check the Willie Nelson doll on Amazon


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