Apr 022014

The Fidel Castro celebrity doll depicts him as “el Comandante”, ruler of Cuba. The doll was made by Blitzkreig Toys in 2008 and came in two versions: one with black and white hair and one with all black hair. Blitzkreig Toys is known for their war toys and this action figure is part of their historic 1/6 scale collection. They also made a Red Baron figure. GIJoe needs an opponent.

A red and black window box with a separate dust cover sleeve decorated with Castro photos and his biography along with a plastic insert complete the packaging of the Fidel Castro action figure.

The Castro doll comes wearing historically accurate olive green military fatigues. The material, finishing, and detailing are high quality and made for the durability of war games play. The cap is finished inside and out to scale and even includes air hole rivets. The canvas belt attaches with a scaled metal buckle. The brown long-sleeved shirt underneath the suit has tiny black buttons, finished seams, and cuffs that open. The plastic boots are well molded and the smooth matte finish has the look of leather.

Like a GIJoe, it is fully articulated and pose-able.

Price check the Fidel Castro doll on Amazon

Price check the Fidel Castro doll on Ebay

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