Sep 142010

General Patton’s vinyl doll was manufactured in 1997 by Hasbro as a G.I. Joe  Historical Commanders Editon.

Born to a family rich in military history dating back to the Revolutinary War, General Patton always felt he was destined for military greatness. He saw his first battle in 1916 in Mexico, as aide to General Pershing. During WWI, Lt. Colonel Patton trained and successfully led U.S. tank crews in France. During WWII, he led the corps in Africa, 7th Army in Sicily, and 3rd Army in France.


Dressed in 3rd Army helmet, scarf, decorated jacket, dog tags and riding crop, Patton comes with a stand, patch, acrylic display, base, a U.S. flag and a U.S. Army flag.

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  1. I would like to purchase a General Patton doll. Please let me know the price and how to purchase one. Thanks

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