Mar 242014

The Laura Bush celebrity doll depicts her as the First Lady of the United States. The doll was manufactured by ToyPresidents, Inc. in 2005 as part of their First Ladies Edition. Other First Lady dolls included Hillary Clinton and Jacqueline Kennedy.

It is a talking doll that says a dozen or so phrases in Laura Bush’s voice like “We can turn off the television and spend time reading to our children. We can give them the gift of our time and attention. ” or “I am so proud of my husband for recognizing the new realities of the world and for taking action to meet them.” by pushing on the top middle of the doll back. The 3 button batteries (LR44/L1154) are changeable. The doll is also articulated at all the major joints including wrists, ankle, and the toes. One of the few female dolls made with articulated ankles and regular non-high heeled shaped feet.

The doll wears a blue satin women’s suit with a one piece cotton body suit underneath. The hair is two toned molded plastic. This doll is a collector’s doll designed as a toy to be played with.

Included in the box is an official Toypresidents biographical pamphlet on First Lady Laura Bush and a black adjustable doll stand inside the box insert.

Other celebrity dolls from the Bush family include husband George W. Bush and father-in-law George H. W. Bush.

Price check the Laura Bush doll on Amazon

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